国立舞鶴工業高等専門学校 タイ王国キングモンクット工科大学 Summer Training 2016 報告

タイ王国キングモンクット工科大学ラカバンの学生がSummer Training 2016を修了しました。

 6月13日から、タイのキングモンクット工科大学ラカバンの学生4名をSummer Training 2016のインターンシップ生として受け入れました。前半は、歓迎会、指導担当の機械工学科でのオリエンテーションや奈良旅行、地元企業2社での研修を行い、自己研修でリフレッシュした後、後半は、さらに機械工学科で研修を重ねました。その間、華道部員と一緒に花を活けたり、剣道の授業を受けたりして、担当の教員や多くの学生と交流をはかり、7月14日の報告会・修了証授与式を経て、7月16日に無事帰国しました。


Students from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, have finished 2016 Summer Training internship.

 We accepted four students of King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, from June 13 to July 16 for 2016 Summer Training internship. In the first half of the period, we had a welcome party, orientation at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, field trip to Nara, and internship at two local companies, Nissin Manufacturing Company and Nitto Seiko Company. After a self-study week, the students did a full-scale internship at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the latter half of the period, during which they mingled with our students and teachers, participating in flower arrangement activity and in a lesson at Kendo class. On 14 July, we held a briefing session and a certificate conferring ceremony. The four students left Japan at midnight on 16, and safely returned home on 17 July.

 It was a good opportunity for our students and overseas students of a partner institution to promote friendly relations with each other.