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NIT(KOSEN), Maizuru College

Campus Life

Students can receive guidance and support concerning school life, health problems, jobs and future careers from faculty members as well as class advisers. All students are covered by the Japan Health Insurance and School Health Insurance in case of illness and accidents on campus. A school nurse is on duty during office hours, assisting students in need of health care and emergency services. Counseling for students with personal problems is provided by a medical specialist. Students in financial need can apply for different kinds of scholarships or exemption from tuition fees.


Our dormitory is called “Kakuyu-Ryo”. Through communal living at “Kakuyu-Ryo”, students can develop friendship and form a splendid personality. Most of the first, second and third-year students are dormitory residents, living within a five-minute walk from college. When they enter the dormitory or hope to stay for another year, they need to pass a selection process.

“Kakuyu-Ryo” has a resident council which organizes various recreational activities and dormitory events in order to strengthen the friendship among residents. In addition, since students from abroad enter “Kakuyu-Ryo” every year, the dormitory becomes a place of international exchange.

Student Council

All the students newly enrolled at the college become members of the Student Council. The council organizes a variety of events such as Sports Festa, ball games, and Kosen Festival (College Festival). College Festival, which is held for 2 days early in November, is popular among people in Maizuru.

Club and Group Activities

Club activities aim at character formation and the maintenance of health in mind and body. The clubs and circles, which belong to the Student Council, are as follows.

1) Clubs

Track and Field, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball, Soft Tennis, Table Tennis, Judo, Kendo, Soccer, Baseball, Handball, Badminton, Swimming, Tennis, Karate, Japanese Archery, Free Climbing, Automobile, Amateur Radio, Brass Band, Society of Creative Technology, Programmer’s Community, Flower Arrangement, Design Competition, Light Music, Handmade

2) Circles