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NIT(KOSEN), Maizuru College


National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College, is one of the fifty-one national colleges of technology in Japan.

Along with universities, colleges of technology are regarded as an institution for higher education. We offer a balanced and effective curriculum for the graduates of junior high schools. Through the five-year course, students can learn liberal arts and major subjects in the field of engineering on a university level.

Our college has celebrated fiftieth anniversary of its foundation. During the past half century we have educated a lot of students to become excellent practical and creative engineers. Since its foundation, we have maintained a high ratio of job openings to job applicants notwithstanding the fluctuations of the economy. Moreover, on graduation, graduates can continue to study at the Faculty of Advanced Engineering of our college or at major universities including national and public universities. Thus various courses are open to our graduates.

Our graduates, who have acquired knowledge and skills through the five-year practical curriculum based on the idea of “monotsukuri”, are highly rated for their ability not only by industry but also by universities and graduate schools. According to a survey conducted by The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, the start-up ratio for the graduates of the colleges of technology are even higher than that for the graduates of universities and graduate schools. I know a graduate who has used his skills acquired at our college and started up a company which is listed on the stock exchange.

We have one of the largest dormitories among colleges of technology in Japan. Almost all the first and second year students can live in the dormitory, and many of the students from the third year upward also live on campus. A school dormitory is not a mere residence but a community to enrich campus life and to form a student’s character. Communicative and social skills developed through life experience in the dormitory will help our graduates adapt themselves to an ever-changing society.

It is also important for each of our students to build a personality through club and extracurricular activities. Sports clubs are very active, making full use of our sports facilities which are among the best in Maizuru. We have also some technical clubs peculiar to colleges of technology. Robot Contest is well known, and our college has made remarkable showings in nationwide contests.

Programming Contest and Design Competition are also held nationwide among colleges of technology, where they compete with each other in information processing and space design respectively. So students throughout the country can meet and work hard together, and exert their originality and ingenuity on various occasions.

Located in Maizuru, the beautiful seacoast town north of Kyoto, where cultural heritage including the Matsuno’odera temple and redbrick buildings and a rich natural environment embracing Maizuru Bay and surrounding mountains coexist harmoniously, our spacious campus at the foot of Mt. Aoba offers an ideal setting for education to the youth with a strong sense of purpose.