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NIT(KOSEN), Maizuru College



The Library, with an open-shelf reading room, audio-visual booths and PCs, offers about 94,000 volumes for use. Apart from books and periodicals, and DVDs are also available in the audio-visual section. PCs can also be used for searching books and browsing web pages.

Information and Computer Science Center

The Information and Computer Science Center was established with the purpose of conducting education and research on information and computer science and promoting exchanges of technology with other colleges and universities. The ICSC manages the operation of educational computer system and information networks. About 100 computers are installed in the two seminar rooms as educational terminals. The LAN system is connected to Science Information Network through a private line.

Regional Collaborative Technocenter (RTC)

The Regional Collaborative Technocenter (RTC) was established in 2001 so as to attain the following objectives:

  1. To provide regional industries with opportunities for collaboration, consultations on technical development, and information on research works.
  2. To provide students with information on the latest technical developments and guidance on their research works.